Caffeine For a Cause has helped all sorts of organizations to fundraise!

Many organizations will employ fundraisers to help their cause! They sell candy, subs, popcorn, cookies, and even fruits. We’re a bit different. We sell coffee, tea, cappuccinos and lattes as well!

Caffeine For a Cause is an independent organization that sources our pods come from many different roasters and distributors! Thanks to this, we can offer an assortment of over 300 different unique coffee pods!

And guess what? It’s not just coffee!

We’ve got hot chocolate, teas, and flavored coffee blends as well!

So How Does it Work?

You can place an order that benefits your organization if they’re registered with us any time! Not just during periods of active fundraisers! Your purchase can always benefit the organizations important to you.


Our Products:

Pods are ordered in groups of 24.

You can mix and match any 24 for any one order, or buy a variety pack based on either your favorite blend, or brand!

What about my Organization?

How do they benefit?

During periods of active fundraising, you can use your organization’s login credentials to place an order using our website! Each order is made in multiples of 24, so one order is 24 pods, two orders is 48, three is 72, and so on!

Let’s face it: you won’t stop drinking coffee just because your organization’s fundraiser has ended. We’ve got your back. When you buy your coffee pods with us, 10% of the proceeds will STILL go to your organization!